Monday, August 2, 2010

EDU 111 Assigments

Reading assignments (e-journals):

You should have major text reading completed BEFORE the class session of the assignment, and you should submit a written e-journal (by email) as a response to that reading due BEFORE class session designated on course schedule. Put the text reading in your SUBJECT line (ex. Topic 1) and PASTE your response in the BODY of the email; DO NOT SEND AS AN ATTACHMENT. Many prefer to do text responses in Word and then copy and paste into email body.

E-journals are required for Topics 1-7 throughout the semester

Midterm and Final Evaluations:

Midterm - (see mid-term date in course daily schedule)

Final Exam - Submit portfolio of ALL assignments on EXAM date (see course schedule)

Primary Texts (Emdin, Gorski):

Submit written reflections that show you read the entire text as noted on the schedule.

Group Presentations (Scoring guide at google Drive link):

Students in arranged groups will present to the class an educational issue or topic. These presentations should last between 16-20 minutes, and will be graded on concision, thoroughness, and clarity. Topics must be approved by the professor one week before presentation dates.

Essay on Education:

Prepare a scholarly, documented essay on the topic you chose for your group presentation. This should be documented in appropriate APA format (See Conventional Language web link on the course blog). You should consult your professor during the drafting of this essay; an initial draft of the final essay must be submitted at least two weeks before the final due date. Essay is due by the end of the course (exam date).

Field Component:

The EDU 111 field experience (EDU 001) is composed of three activities: “virtual” visits of local schools, attending a school board meeting, and tutoring of designated student at a local school (TBD). The purpose of this field experience is to engage students in the public school setting as potential teachers, provide experiences with diverse populations, and to provide insights into the way American educational institutions operate. These experiences are to enrich class discussions, help the student decide if teaching is an appropriate career goal, and to provide the opportunity to demonstrate and practice professional skills and dispositions. Students will be evaluated based upon attendance, participation, and reflections.

Virtual School Observations (12 hrs.): (or see alternative assignment)

Choose one school EACH from schools in Greenville County consisting of the following categories: elementary, middle, high, and other (career centers, child development centers, Governor’s school).

Do a virtual visit of each school that must include at least the following:

• Exploration of the most recent three consecutive years of that schools state report card.

• Analysis of the school’s web page. (See “Webculture” guidelines and read “School culture on the Internet” by Daniel Doerger, both provided at google Drive link.)

Prepare a one-page handout on each school and make a brief presentation on what you learned (presentations due December 8).

School Board Observation (2 hrs.):

Please remember that you are required to attend one Greenville County School Board meeting. The School Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the school district’s administration building. After attending your meeting, you must submit a write-up of what you saw (1-2 pages—longer if necessary), including:

a) when the meeting began and ended

b) a description of the major issues that were discussed

c) what you liked and disliked about the meeting format, the actions of specific Board members [called “Trustees”], and/or speakers from the community

d) whether anybody illustrated respect/understanding of the diverse talents, abilities, perspectives, and contributions of all students

The Greenville School Board will meet at 7:00 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Tutoring Reflection (12 hrs.):

Upon completion, or near the completion, of your tutoring, you are required to submit a reflection of your experiences (about two pages). This summary should include:
a) a detailed description of the student/students you tutored

b) any significant progress you perceived that the student/students made [either academically or otherwise]

c) how you demonstrated understanding of any of the diverse talents, abilities, perspectives, and/or contributions of your student/s (this might involve simply describing the student’s/students’ diversity in this reflection)

d) how you demonstrated sensitivity toward community and cultural norms (this might involve simply describing your student’s/students’ cultural/community norms in this reflection)

e) your willingness to adjust your tutoring based on monitoring of your student’s/students’ progress

You must maintain a tutoring log of times and visits throughout the semester as well and submit that log with your reflection (see end of the syllabus for the log).

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