Thursday, October 16, 2008

Diversity and Tolerance in Schools?

Consider this study on harassment.

Who is to blame. . .?

Consider the influence of wealth/poverty when we consider health:

Family Income Impacts Children's Health

Child-health report shows wide gaps according to wealth, education

Note the study itself:

America's Health Starts With Healthy Children

A snapshot of each state is also available if you scroll down on the link above.

Midterm and course evaluation

Please complete the course evaluation and turn that in ASAP.

Midterm (DUE Monday, October 20, 2008):

• Email as an attachment; name file "yourlastname.EDU111midterm.doc"

• Exam prompt:

Discuss in three or so pages how EDU 111 has impacted so far your assumptions brought to this course related to teaching, learning, and schools.

Please be specific about the assumptions you brought into the course and how the course has led you to ask questions or change your views.

Be sure to include discussions and references to your text readings, Kozol’s book, class discussions, supplemental readings provided on your course web page, tutoring, and group presentations.