Monday, August 31, 2009

Wed September 2


This guy seems right to me: Education problems and solutions

SAT and family income

An interesting unraveling of the SAT chart above

• Groups

• Does competition work in education?


Alfie Kohn on competition

• Text reading, Pt. 1

(1) Teacher certification

Furman University Department of Education

Teaching Inequality

Does Teacher Preparation Matter?

US Department of Education, Rod Paige, 2002

(2) Board certification

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

(3) Teacher evaluation (ADEPT)

SC Department of Education—ADEPT

(4) Education unions (NEA, AFT)



(5) Teacher pay

What people think about schools, 2009 PDK/Gallup Poll

Joe Kincheloe and critical pedagogy

• Should we have national standards? This professor says "No"

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