Thursday, September 17, 2009

REVISED Schedule and assignments

Note the changes below:

F 9/18/09
—Thomas Jefferson: Publicly Supported Education

M 9/21/09Corridor of Shame: See website

W 9/23/09—Pt. 4, text, ejournal due

F 9/25/09—Read "What These Children Are Like," Ralph Ellison

M 9/28/09—Read "Return of the Deficit"

W 9/30/09, F 10/02/09—View Hard Times; see the related web page: Hard Times

M 10/05/09—Group Presentation workshop

W 10/07/09, F 10/09/09—Discuss Hard Times, essays (APA, etc), poverty (conclude)

M 10/12/09, W 10/14/09—Group Presentations

F 10/16/09—NO CLASS MEETING, DRAFT essay

M 10/19/09—Discuss Kozol, Letters due

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