Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Midterm; self-evaluation/course midterm feedback

***[Include by mid-term your four school choices for your virtual school assignment.]

Frame the discussion below between Cody (Social Context Reformer) and the Gates Foundation ("No Excuses" Reformers) within this: "Is Poverty Destiny?"

You need to submit TWO requirements for this midterm:

(1) DUE before class October 12, email me a list of 8-10 key talking points you plan to contribute to the class discussion in class that day. These talking points should grow from the discussion below and should pull together the entire first half of this semester (topic readings, supplemental reading [Kozol], tutoring, and class discussions).

(2) Also email before October 12 a self-evaluation (as attachment) of your learning and work throughout the semester so far. What have you learned? How have you been challenged? What have we not covered yet that you want us to cover? What has been the quality of your work and engagement in the course so far? Please assign yourself a letter grade for the course so far. Feel free to offer positive and critical feedback on the course and my teaching as well in order to insure the course fulfills your needs and expectations for the remainder of the semester.

Class discussion: Anthony Cody education reform debate with the Gates Foundation (GF):


(1) Dialogue With the Gates Foundation: How Do We Build the Teaching Profession?
(2) Responding to the Gates Foundation: How do we Consider Evidence of Learning in Teacher Evaluations?
(3) Dialogue with the Gates Foundation: Can Schools Defeat Poverty by Ignoring It?
(4) Dialogue With the Gates Foundation: What Is the Purpose of K-12 Education?
(5) The Dialogue With the Gates Foundation: What Happens When Profits Drive Reform?


(1) The Gates Foundation Responds: How do we Build the Teaching Profession
(2) The Gates Foundation Writes: How Do We Consider Evidence of Student Learning in Teacher Evaluation?
(3) The Gates Foundation Responds: Poverty Does Matter--But It Is Not Destiny
(4) The Gates Foundation Writes: K-12 Education: An Opportunity Catalyst
(5) The Gates Foundation Responds: The Role of the Marketplace in Education

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